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Products - Quality Testing

  • CCIPL has a well equipped laboratory for characterization of carbon black grades.
  • Surface area of carbon black grades measured by iodine absorption, a method for quick assessment during in process quality control as well as for ensuring packed material before shipment.
  • Structural anisometry of carbon black grades measured by sophisticated absorptometerc -having arrangement of precise control over temperature of absorption chamber and DBP oil fitted with software. Primary structure measured at specified intervals after crushing carbon black in compressed DBP pressd.
  • Tint strength of carbon black grades measured at least once in every production run through tint testing apparatus by measuring percent transmission using ERICHSEN Tint Tester - 527.
  • Hardness of carbon black pellets is extensively checked during in process quality control as well as before shipment of packed material using Individual Pellet Hardness Tester of HITEC – Luxembourg.
  • Rubber properties of carbon black grades are studied on regular basis after mixing in two roll mill.
  • Curing characteristics are checked in Monsanto R-100 Rheometer.
  • Prior to curing of compounded rubber samples in electrically heated semiautomatic curing press.
  • Physical properties are measured in the ZWICK Universal Testing Machine.
  • Special properties eg. Abrasion Index of Carbon Black grades are measured in DIN Abrader.
  • Whenever required and facility for checking Die Swell and Extrusion Shrinkage using lab size extruder also having in CCIPL.