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Products - About Carbon Balck

Carbon Black is produced by Thermal Cracking of highly aromatic oils. The basic principle involves the cracking or “pyrolysis” of natural gas or liquid hydrocarbon in a limited supply of air to form Carbon Black particles. These particles after a number of further stages of formation and treatment take the final Pellet form.
Carbon Black has wide applications in the manufacturing of Tyres, Tubes, Rubber goods, Paints, Printing Inks and items made from Plastics.
In the application of rubber goods the “reinforcing” ability of Carbon Black is the prime factor guided by its Surface Area, Structure and Surface activity. Further, its unique morphological characteristic has enabled its use in diverse application areas. Depending on Surface area and Structure, various grades have been developed.
The grades are available in various kinds of Packaging depending upon the requirements of the customers. The Packaging are:

  • 25 Kg Paper Bag
  • 1000 Kg Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container (FIBC)
  • 500 Kg Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container (FIBC)