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Technology - Carbon Black Process Flow

Carbon black is a reinforcing filler and imparts reinforcing strength properties to rubber in a similar way an iron rod embedded in a cement matrix provides strength to the concrete.

Continental carbon India private Ltd is manufactures carbon black through the furnace process using technology licensed from Continental Carbon Company, USA. The manufacturing process comprises of controlled combustion of high molecular weight aromatic hydrocarbons in a refractory lined tubular reactors. The smoke generated during combustion of the feedstock is a mixture of active carbon & combustible gases. The smoke is filtered in a bag house fitted with multiple filter bags arranged in different compartments. Carbon black gets separated from the combustible gases.It is subsequently pelletized,dried and packed in either 25 kg paper bags or 1000 kg bulk bags.

The carbon black produced through the furnace process has a small granular form and is easily incorporated and dispersed in a rubber matrix.

Functional Entity - Process Flow Diagram:

Drag the slider in the below animation to view the complete process flow.