“Provide world class quality and become preferred supplier leading to profitable organization and contributing to stakeholders at large."

Human Resources

HR Mission

People are our most valuable asset. Our mission is to attract the best talent into CCIL, to develop its potential through relevant and effective training, to retain it and to provide opportunities for nurturing it.

Hiring of Employees

We carefully select employees, through a multi-stage hiring process, which evaluates their functional skills and behavioral competencies.

Training and Development

CCIL employees are trained in-house and by external faculty both in India and abroad on a continuous basis. Employees are carefully screened for training needs. Cross functional training with the objective of multi-skilling employees is a priority area at CCIL.

Work Environment

CCIL provides employees with a challenging work environment. We encourage employees to take initiatives and make decisions.Superiors routinely coach employees and the superb office infrastructure provides them the resources required to discharge their work speedily.

Performance Management System

CCIL follows an objective, transparent and largely quantified evaluation system for employees.Merit and performance are the sole criteria for dispensing rewards.

Employee Engagement

Every CCIL employee is engaged in cross-functional, 'Kaizen' project teams as either a team member, team leader or 'champion'. 'Kaizen' projects are being continuously churned out. The outcome of these projects has greatly benefitted both the company and individual employees in developing of interpersonal relations skills.

Co-Curricular Activities

CCIL provides opportunities for employees to showcase their talent outside the workplace be it theatre, visual arts, sports or music.We regularly hold employee engagements functions. A CCIL employee volunteer group 'AROHI' drives the company CSR activities in neighboring communities.